The Bravo Trittico Machine

Da Vinci’s Gelateria uses the highest quality Bravo Trittico production machine available for crafting our gourmet gelatos and sorbettos. We spared no expense in getting the best that Italy has to offer. This machine was invented and perfected in Vicenza, Italy, and is the only machine that combines both a world class pasteurizer (hot process) with a world class batch freezer (cold process) in one unit.

The Italian made machine allows us to serve authentic gourmet Italian gelato by pasteurizing all of our natural ingredients in the hot chamber before freezing the product in the batch freezer. This “hot process” is what gives Da Vinci’s Gelato tasters an incredibly smooth and intensely rich flavor experience. This is house made gelato at its best!

The Ingredients

The machine is only the foundation of the specialty crafted Da Vinci’s Gelato. Our fresh, natural ingredients and recipes are what separate us from other gelaterias. Da Vinci’s Gelateria recipes find their origins from Reggio Emilia, Italy over 50 years ago. We carry on the tradition by building on these same recipes but customize our gelato by adding our own touch to each batch.


Milk is the soul of gelato. Da Vinci’s Gelateria uses fresh milk for all of our gelatos. This gives it the incredibly smooth and creamy texture. It is the essential base on which the rich flavors are established.


Sugar is the spark of gelato! Da Vinci’s Gelateria uses real sugar in all of our gelatos and sorbettos to craft a treat that is just as desirable as it is irresistible.

Fresh and Natural

The ingredients are the attitude behind each gelato or sorbetto! All ingredients are fresh, authentic and natural, whether imported mangoes or locally grown strawberries, from the soil in which ingredients are planted, to the local farmers market here in Enid, we do our best to use only high quality healthy products in order to serve our best craft to our local family.